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    I was out riding my motorcycle and since it is impossible to got lost on a motorcycle, let's just say I took a little longer drive then I intended.  

    But the Kentucky back roads are awesome and they sure make you hungry, after about 3 hours of driving I found myself in Latonia and passed a small burger joint called Bard's burgers.

    I remembered to have seen this name on some of the best burger in Cincinnati lists, so after a little pondering I turned around. I decided per the "when in Rome" principle, that I might as well eat a burger for Lunch.

    Drove by the place again and was looking for a place to park, the little voice in my head told me that it looked a little too unhealthy for the first meal of the day.

    First impressions are always important, but obviously not for Bard, whoever he is. Because this place is not very inviting, first word that comes to mind is DIRTY!

    Honestly I almost walked back out, but was hungry and my mom have always said not to judge a book by its cover. So I would not judge Bard's by is dirty cover and sat down.

    Ordered the daily special which was a double cheese burger deluxe, with a coke and fries.

    On a side note, I like to eat with knife and fork on a plate, I don't know who came up with the idea that burgers and fries should be served in a "basket". To my astonishment they had not plates or real knife and forks, but she did find me some small plastic utensils.

    The Burger was good, is was big and had a decent amount of flavour. Thank god I got some eating utensils because it was way too big to bite over.
    But I managed to awkwardly eat it in the basket, with my kids size plastic knife and fork, and was actually rather satisfied with the burger.

    The French fries was not very good, way too greasy and not very crisp, lacking any flavour what so ever. Had I known they did not come with the burger, but was a $3 side order, I would not have gotten them.

    All and all the Burger, which I was there for, was good!

    But the final check of $12 was way too high for a place like that, because with tip I was pretty much out $15.
    Not what I excepted to pay when I walked in the door.

    I might be back to get a burger if I am in the area, but it is not worth going out of your way for.

    Sorry Bard, but I would have been evenly content with a $6 menu at Wendy's...    
    which is why they only get 2 stars, because I really have experienced not only better, but better for a lot less $$...

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    Best burger I ever had

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    This is a digusting filth hole that serves heart attacks on buns or doughnuts. They will stack as many greasy crap patties as you request on each unassuming bun or generic grocery store glazed waist gainer. Washing your hands in the bathroom does not count as cleaning yourself its so gross......and that's IF the toilets work that day. A waitress with fresh stitches and two black eyes is assisted by a jort wearing creaton who may or not swing at you as well.

    I take my whole family weekly.

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