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    This place was a big disappointment. I read all the hype here, and decided I wanted to try it out. My food wasn't worth the money. Portion sizes were smaller than most places I've been, and the prices were higher. I got the fajita quesadilla and it was just bland, and tasted like it lacked seasoning. Service was horrible, we never were offered a refill.. and that is unacceptable. It was slow, so the guys were all goofing off on their phones by the bathrooms. I'll never go back, sorry Mi Tierra but you are Mi Terrible.

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    Nice for a strip mall mexican joint!

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    My parents and I went here before a Reds game and really enjoyed the place. It is very close to the Fort Wright Walmart. The decor is bright and fresh. The salsa was just ok. It could have used more flavor and maybe a spicy option. Since we were eating an early dinner we decided to split two meals and a tamale. I am glad we only had two full meals because the portions were huge! The beef Chimichanga Monterrey was very good and came with beans and rice. My father had the Quesadilla Hawaiana  which was good but a little two sweet for a dinner option. I would recommend getting something else - but I don't blame this on the place it was just a weird combo with chicken, onions and pineapple with cheese on top. The tamale was amazing! My father loved it and said it was the best he had ever had. I thought it was super tasty and would totally order more next time! At the end of dinner we had eaten everything on our plates. It was so tasty and filling! Make sure you bring your appetite. I would highly recommend this place!

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