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    You can't go wrong here.  I was a big fan of the buttermilk bike store and then they opened this one.  The employee turnover is high - but only because they seem to get promoted often to other stores!
    I love being able to call in and say "Hi - its Paul" and pick up my order in 15 minutes or less.  I get greeted like Norm from Cheers when I walk in the door.  Chaz and John have this store working like clockwork.  
    They seem to get a lot of new employees frequently but those employees seem to pick up on the standard " know your customer" feeling I get when I go.  I do go less than I used to (hello 4 days a week down to once a week - fries are too tempting!).
    They do get a number of call in orders from local large businesses so you may get an extended wait time due to that.  
    It is always clean though and I like that.  The staff always seems to be VERY attentive to customers.
    I refuse to go to the subway next door to my work because the sandwhiches here are just a better value and the staff is so cool.

    Paul C

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    There's something about the corporate culture at Penn Station.

    We try not avoid chains but last month in Louisville we hit a Penn Station out of desperation. I was floored by how nice the staff was. The prices are a bit more than Subway but the service a 10x better. And I enjoyed the sandwiches more.

    Look, they're not gourmet but they give you an honest sandwich for the honest buck.

    Anyway, I was getting new tires at a subuuban shopping area when my kid said she was hungry. We walked around and she spotted the Penn Station and I said 'Sure" letting her know there wouldn't be a repeat of the nice people and good service and OK food we got before.

    But I was wrong.

    The guy behind the counter welcomed us nicely. They made the sandwich not too quickly but quick enough. Everything was right. I was coming back from the bathroom where I was washing my hands when I saw one of the staff with my order about to take it to the table. I told him there was no need and when I took it from him, he gave me a genuine thank you then came over to ask if everything was AOK.  Then another staff person came by to pick up some trash she said that looked like it was bothering us (it wasn't) and then asked us to fill out a comment card so "We can do better". This wasn't a paunchy middle-aged store manager but a teenage chick with some wacky hair color.

    Two stores in different cities with happy, polite workers...in food service. Like I said, the Penn Station corporate culture must be doing something good.

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    This rating was so hard.  I always get a COLD club, and when I get it, I am in love.  Their bread is just the greatest around.  When my sandwich is made how I order it, I am a very happy girl.  HOWEVER, my order is only right about 50% of the time.  I know most of the subs here are hot, but I want mine cold.  I also don't like mustard, so I always ask for no mustard on mine.  Sometimes it's hot, sometimes it's cold.  Sometimes it has mustard, sometimes it doesn't.  I say I will never go back everytime my order is messed up, but I can't stop craving the sandwich made the way I like it!  Damn you Penn Station!

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