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    My dear Szechuan Garden, how I wanted to love you! Unfortunately it was not a love match. In all seriousness, the woman who waited on us was fabulous. Sweet and attentive and eager to see that we had an enjoyable meal.  I started by ordering a vegetarian egg roll. Now the lunch specials come with an egg roll, but it has pork in it. I don't eat pork so I asked if a substitution could be made. She informed me that I could, but there would be an additional charge. Hmm, ok not sure of the logic, but I was jonesing for an egg roll. So when it came to the table, I know that some might consider this strange, but I had to return it to the kitchen because it was loaded with oil. Yes, a deep fried item is not health food but it also does not have to drip fryer oil either. In fact, if the fryer oil is the correct temperature it seals the food, in this case the egg roll wrapper, and the inside is cooked inside the protective casing. This egg roll was just a mess. The kitchen tried again, but it was not much better than the first attempt. Our waitress was so lovely I just ate it and thanked her for the effort. My entree was vegetable Lo mein which had few vegetables in ratio to the noodles. Yes, they use msg, a lot of it. So if you are sensitive to it make sure you ask them to leave it out. I wasn't smart enough to do that ahead of time so my entree was a no go. In terms of ambience, there isn't any. The building is old but there are ways to attend to details like cleaning carpets, a bit of fresh paint inside and out, and soap and water that really makes a difference and doesn't cost so much.  So, the search for some good Chinese food goes on, I'll be sure to let you know when I find it.

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    Good food that's fresh and tasty. The server I usually have is so nice and lovely. There's usually a coupon on the back of the Kroger receipt- FYI

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    My dine-in experiences here have been pleasant. Quick service and tasty food. My last take-out trip from here was completely flavorless. I woudn't say I won't go back here, but it will not be my first choice.

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