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    Basic little diner-type place, tucked away in a random Ft. Wright strip mall. You can expect diner-type food, too - sandwiches and fries and fried chicken. It's good (and greasy), but frankly, if you have any dietary restrictions (like vegetarian or gluten-free) there's only one or two options.

    Last time I went, I asked for a side of the vegetable of the day (which is on their menu). The waitress seemed confused and finally said "uh, you mean like a bowl of peas?" and brought back some mushy canned peas. But you do get a lot of food for the price, and if you stick to sandwiches and fries you can't go wrong.

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    I've been finding something yummy to eat here for about the last 7 years. The atmosphere is somewhat a Greek themed greasy spoon if that makes any sense.  (Waffle House meets "My Big Fat Greek Wedding")

    Prices are very reasonable for the food portions you receive. Although they have specials every day, and a not so shabby menu lineup I find myself ordering breakfast here more than anything regardless of the time of day. However, if you're looking for a monster of a double-decker sandwich I encourage you to look no further. These things have at least a pound or more of meat and other ingredients piled onto them.

    Most of the folks that work here have been around for quite some time and this always seems like a nice family establishment. If you haven't tried this place before and are looking for something better than many and different than most then this is the place to find it.

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    I have been here twice now and I liked it both times.

    The first time the service was bad.  I had a cheeseburger and fries and it was good. Nothing amazing, but good and pretty cheap.

    The second time I came for breakfast. It was on a Sunday and there were pretty many people there but the service was good. I liked the breakfast more than the lunch. It was pretty decently priced too. Also if you come for breakfast during the week, they have specials where the price is crazy cheap. I'll have to come back then and I may need to update my rating.

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