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    So I have given this place three chances.  The first time, my hubby did not like the chicken pad Thai.  He felt it was the worst he has ever had.  I had the bourbon chicken which was pretty decent.  It is not the best but it was fine to eat.  

    The second time we tried this we had the chicken fried rice.  It was pretty decent.  My husband loves the egg rolls. This meal makes us want to go back.

    The third and sorry to say the last time we will probably eat here we had the chicken fried rice.  This time they have changed their recipe.  Instead of using all white meat like they did the previous time (mind you that was two years ago) they use what looks like chicken thighs and legs.  My hubby does not eat dark meat at all, so this was an immediate turn off for him.  He did not want to eat it at all.  I tried it but, presentation is everything.  The chicken fried rice did not look good at all and pretty much tasted like it looked.  Again, I wasted food...(this is a pet peeve of mine, that I do not like to waste food)

    My husband did love the egg rolls.  I purchased 4 and he ate 3 of them.  I had one, it is not my favorite egg roll, but they are OK.  I have had better.  

    All in all, Hot Wok isn't a bad place, it just isn't that greatest either.

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    I've tried the food here twice. I didn't really like the fried rice the first time that I ordered take out from here. I live in the area and the other "chinese" place in the area are REALLY REALLY bad so I tried here. My second trip I ordered the "Korean Beef" and asked if it was really spicy and I was told that it was. I don't know what they consider spicy but this is not it. I will not be making a third trip.

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    Nice place. We had dinner there tonight. We all enjoyed the meal. It was much like other Chinese places I've been. Id go back.

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