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    Great pizza and great service! The owner was super nice and hospitable. They also had a great non-greasy pizza. We got a garden-type veggie pizza. The crust was delicious too. They had plenty of high chairs for our daughter.

    My only complaint would be that they use non-recyclable styrofoam cups instead of reusable washable cups. Sorry! I like the environment. :)

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    If there was one word to describe this place it would be Yummy. The location is small, but there is plenty of seating, since most of their business is delivery. The owner is super nice, and the pizza is generally amazing, and adventurous. We even asked him to make us a gyro style pizza. Pizza dough and tzatziki sauce, topped with Gyro meat, Feta Cheese, Tomato's etc. The appetizers are fun and tasty, and this has very quickly become one of our favorite pizza parlors!

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    The pizza is just okay. But, where Guiseppe's really shines are the hoagys. They have some of the best hoagys around! Try the Dirty Don and you will not be disappointed.

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