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    I deducted a star because it is ridiculously loud, but the food was good. I am very disappointed though; I went looking for an Irish place, but that part is quite nominal. At heart, this is just another generic noisy bro cave of ear splittingly loud sports nuts. "Finnegan's" shouldn't even be in the name; it gives a misleading image of their target demographic, clearly.

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    I've been here twice- the first time was ok, the second will ensure I never go back. On our first visit, the food was average but the second visit the food was well below average. It was Saturday and not busy at all. Our waitress was not friendly and the sliders and sandwiches that were ordered were dry and bland. On top of that I discovered that although they offer high chairs for babies, they do not offer a changing table in the bathroom. WTF?! Won't be going back.

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    The food is not very good for brunch.  The eggs were watery, the bacon was all stuck together so it was hard to even get, and all you could taste or see were peppers in the breakfast potatoes.  The mashed potatoes on Shepards Pie is not supposed to be crunchy and the rest of it was just bland.  The whole brunch was just "eh", not worth the money, and definitely not worth going back for.

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