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  • Takes Reservation
  • Has TV
  • Smoking
  • Outdoor Seating
  • Wheelchair Accessible

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    I went here several weeks ago with a group of friends to see a couple of bands.  If you are looking for a dive bar with a great atmosphere, this is your place.  The smokers in my group were thrilled with the bar smoking area.  The non-smokers in our group were thrilled that the band area was smoke-free.  This space is small, but effective.  The staff are great and very friendly.  What really surprised me was the food.  It was standard bar food, but quite tasty.  The drinks are very fairly priced.  All in all, we had a great time and plan to go again, band or no band.  Very chill place.

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    I came by last night for a show and had never heard of this place before. I checked the reviews on yelp and had low expectations, but I was pleasantly suprised! The bar is small and somewhat hidden away, but there is a parking structure not even 100 feet away, which was convenient. The doorman/bouncer/promoter was very kind as we entered. There are two separate areas, one for smoking(in the actual bar) and one they had for the musicians. The turnout was fairly slow, but the crowd was friendly and no one seemed to be having a bad time. The bathrooms were clean and the beer was cold and fairly cheap. The highlight of my evening, besides the music of course, was the bartender/owner Joey. He was so polite and had impeccable customer service. He was the only bartender there and even at busy times, he always thanked us for being patient and made sure we didn't feel ignored, which is rare to find at a bar nowadays. He remembered what I was drinking and once I finished a beer, he promptly asked me if I needed another, without me having to wait to order it and despite there being quite a few people there, called me by my name, which is always nice from a business your first time there. I was highly impressed and wish I had found BBT sooner. If you're looking for a comfortable dive bar with good live local bands(support the scene!), cheap beer, and amazing customer service, I would highly recommend trying them out.

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    Nothing fancy about this place.  Feels like a local dive bar.  The patrons were nice, but we didn't stick around for long.  The menu is basic bar food - not my style.  I might hang out there for a beer, but that's about it!

    Got the fish n chips for dinner and washed it down with a beer.  Beer was cold.  Fish was edible.

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