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    I've lived just down the street from The Smokin' Monkey for about 5 years now and I have never been until about a month ago. If I knew what I had been missing this would have been my starting point for any drunken night.

    We got there pretty early......at least early Smokin' Monkey time, about 8pm. The bouncer wasn't even sure if they were open or not.  We walk in and it's total westside dance club but at 8pm it's perfect for me.  Almost no one in the bar and the people who were there were super friendly.

    We proceeded to order our drinks. But we didn't order any normal drinks, oh no. These drinks were HUGE!! 1 liter i believe and they didn't skimp on the alcohol.  The long island was delicious and went down so smooth, it was a good thing we all shared drinks cause I could have pounded the liter myself.  To top the drinks off, as if 1 liter wasn't enough, the bartender added a glow stick and a rock candy stick.......how fun!!!

    If you're looking for a great beginning of the night place on the westside look no farther than the Smokin' Monkey.

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    I have lived all my life on the West Side of Cincinnati and I am shocked that I have never stepped foot into this institution.  This is the Cheviot version of a dance club.  I hear rumor that later in the evening the crowd can be young and a little rough.  We stopped in minutes after opening on Friday night and were only one of a dozen customers.

    The owner was manning the bar and sprinkled us with bar lore (ghosts!) while making our incredibly huge, complicated drinks.  Smokin Monkey is famous for their mason jar 1 liter drinks.  I recommend the 1 liter cherry long island for only $9!  You will remember little after just one of these.  It comes complete with a glow stick and a piece of rock candy.  

    The dance floor is small but has a stage area with a couple poles.  There are plenty of seats and tables surrounding it.  I am sure with the lights on, this place looks not so good.  But with fog, black lights and neon it stood up to the looks of any other club in the city.

    I am not sure I would brave this place when it is busy, but it was a great first bar of the night!

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