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    Nice music, drinks and prices!

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    Fogarty's is a great bar to visit if you're in Cheviot or doing a Cheviot bar hop. The bar itself is decently sized, has a varied crowd, and there's lots of parking in the neighborhood. They also have a great beer selection including craft beers, which is rare for a bar in the Cheviot area or west side in general. Additionally, there is a shuffleboard with an electronic scoreboard. This makes me really excited for some reason. Out of all of the bars in Cheviot, Fogarty's is probably my favorite. People need to go out of their way to do Cheviot bar hops more often!

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    Come for the low price drinks and free popcorn, stay for the energetic crowd and awesome patio. As others have said, the prices are very reasonable so have another round...on me. ha ha. The bathrooms are clean and the knick-knacks that adorn the bar are funny and unique. If you're in Cheviot and are looking for a nice place to chill, listen to some music, and have some good drinks, stop by Fogarty's.

    *Parking is on the street and often close by and I would avoid parking at the 5/3 just in case someone decides to start towing.

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