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  • Has TV
  • Smoking
  • Outdoor Seating
  • Wheelchair Accessible

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    I stopped in here for a little bit and was very shocked to see a few people actually smoking inside. I really was tempted to call the Cigarette Reporting number (which was prominently posted on their front door!) but didn't want to get involved in a tattle tale debacle. Oh well, when in Cheviot! Another weird thing that I noticed is that the "house" lights were on, which at 9PM, is not something you would expect. It must have been an off night or something, I was here on St. Patrick's Day and the place was hopping.

    The pluses of this place are the nice bartenders, low price drinks, occasional live music /Karaoke, and pool table. There is an NYPD pizza place across the street for those wanting to slam some food before/during/after drinking.

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    Went to Luckey's on a Monday night and discovered a very friendly bartender, a nice mix of patrons, and a pool table that was open to use. And the beer was pretty cheap, as I remember.

    I was impressed with how clean the place was. I wasn't going to eat off the bar or anything but they keep it clean.

    I'd have given a fourth star but they had a few TVs not working. I'm wondering why have them if they don't work? Either that or get them fixed. I really wasn't there for Monday Night Football, but only one TV was working.

    I'll be back to check out the bands - it looks like a cool place for that.

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    I just had to add this bar to Yelp! It is my favorite bar on the westside! The bartenders are great and friendly. (Unless you piss them off... :) The crowd there is a good mix and the music is good. Bands usually play every weekend and there is never a cover! It a good place to just hang out with friend and chill or catch a good band.

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