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    We eat here every week!  Clean authentic environment, and delicious Authentic Mexican fare..  well stocked bar, and  dos equis on tap.  With the readily available coupons it is always a great value as well.

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    All good things here for sure!

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    This is the second location of Cancun I have been to. On the west side of town it's a good choice for 'American/Mexican' food; there is just enough of a touch of something authentic. I have ordered a chicken stew and been pleased with a flashback to my study abroad in Mexico, but the orders are large, there are often rice and beans, giganto basket of chips proceed your order (all very American to me). At least the cheese is white. That is one of my criteria in a Mexican restaurant here in the states. In Mexico I never had cheddar/orange cheese, ever. I don't think I even saw it in the store. Rather, there is a large variety of delicious white cheeses, some strong and others mild in taste (cotija, Oaxaca, etc.), that really complement the flavors in Mexican food well (and are SO much better than nasty cheddar).

    Ok, my philosophical objections aside, Cancun is good. This location is great; I much prefer it to the one attached to the bowling alley. Though it's in a strip mall, the decor is really awesome with carved, bright, painted tables with traditional themes, good music playing most of the time, and a friendly staff. It feels much more elegant, to me, than most strip mall restaurants.  

    Items we regularly order include the chicken quesadilla, tortilla soup, pollo ranchero (chicken and veg with a red sauce), and I recently tried a tilapia dish. Really, it's all very good and quite affordable.

    This place doesn't always take me back to an evening in Queretaro, but it's actually a great choice for a Mexican food craving. Take a look at the menu...I suspect there are some hidden gems that are often overlooked for burritos, quesadillas, nachos, and fajitas. That's my new approach here...find the gems.

    In summary, I like the staff, love the decor, and the size and ambiance are just right for this joint. Definitely worth a visit.

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