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    Coasters Lounge, located inside the Hilton at Clearwater Beach hotel, is so awesome.  Everyone kept raving about the pina coladas at the tiki bar on the beach, and I was too late... they had just closed the tiki bar! So I took a chance on the bar inside of the hotel.  

    It is seriously the BEST pina colada I have ever had.  They use a simple mix and a dark rum, but it tasted like heaven.  The ice was perfectly blended and since we were inside, they give you a straw (I can understand that many seagulls probably choke on straws that are carelessly strewn on the beach from the tiki bar customers).  And lets face it, pina coladas were made for drinking with a straw.

    When I mentioned that this was the best pina colada I had ever had to the bar tender as I ordered a second one, she drizzled more rum on top! I was a very happy, very tipsy customer after that pina colada.

    This bar is just as good, or better than the famed tiki bar at the beach... They also tend to run out of the pina colada mix at the tiki bar (but still serve the drink with half the mix!!) and gave me a bit of attitude instead of explaining why I can't get a straw when I asked for one.

    Best and friendly service with a smile! Great lounging area.

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