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    This may be the best club in Pennsylvania.  They definitely have the most girls and many of them are very attractive.  

    You do pay for the atmosphere, so expect to spend a couple hundred bucks each time you stop in.

    The best thing is, a lot of the girls will hang out with you for awhile before asking about private dances or the champagne room.  The girls, especially Aurora, made it a point to get to know me more and spend time with me.  You do have to make it worth their while, but if you do you won't regret it.  

    Best note: When you walk into a club for the 2nd time ever and the dancer on stage recognizes you and smiles and comes over to find you when she has completed her turn on stage:  wow!

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    (.) (.)

    U no da dill!!!!!!!!!!!

    (.) (.)

    O O

    But damn there was 1 chick in hear last i mean the other night who was straight 40 plus n kept wantin moar tips 4 no reason. I was chillin in th back wit my crew n I guess she liked yrstruly or w/e but dame. I want platinum plus, not 40 plus u dig.

    Da two dollar bills is tight, but since I collect 2 $ bills I couldnt tip that much. But at least I could add 2 my collection.

    Also, ur DJ sux. He aint funny and every singleperson I talked 2 said its just way too loud. Unnecessary. Make some switchups n u could be legit. Have da hole airport crew comin in 4 a lil gin n juice n a u no wut. lol,

    I seen better clubs in east new york. No joke. Das not good p.s.


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    This place is called Platinum Plus. If I was running a strip club, I'd give change in two dollar bills. Yes, this is a ploy to provide the strippers with bigger tips. Do not come here to get drunk. The bar is useless. If you have a designated driver, get loaded at home or at a dive bar beforehand. A 12 oz bottle of Yuengling is $4.50.

    I went here for a friend of a friend's birthday party. After finding out that I had already spent $40 on the cover charge and beer, I had no intention of paying a stripper for a half-assed lap dance compliments of her daddy issues. Some angry, little Asian stripper even reprimanded myself and my friend, on separate occasions, for not tipping them. Unbelievable.

    They also have an annoying douche bag with a microphone who attempts to crack lame dick jokes. Seriously, this guy is a tool. Half the fun I had was screaming out insults at this guy at the top of my lungs, unfortunately knowing he couldn't hear me because the music was too loud.

    When you leave, you will not be able to hear soft noises for at least a half hour. It is absolutely deafening inside Platinum Plus.

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    Erv's is now called Platinum Plus. The club is VERY different from the club it was. The lights are stil very intimately lit, and the set up is more of a colliseum type where seats are all around the stage. The girls have gotten ALOT prettier but some are still VERY by the book and don't warm up to people they just tapped their cash from very well. It is 5 to get in before 7pm and 8 after. Be aware that they now give out 2 dollar bills instead of 1s.

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    Hey gotta check the local (.)(.) bar woop woop!!

    Wow very big place! Good door prices for the area and they have lots of specials and events. Amateur nights on Thursday for any lady that feels u for it with great prices.
    Overall will come back and enjoy the show :0

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    you know, I haven't been to a "Mens Club" in years - honestly.  A friend suggested this place when we were in the area golfing for a little entertainment.

    My take:
    - lots of beautiful women ranging from 21 (or so) to the mid 30s.
    - full bar with decently priced drinks and beer.
    - friendly women and friendly staff
    - music is way too loud, could hardly hear the girls talking to me (yelling in my ear).

    If I come back to the area, I'll stop in again - but I'll bring earplugs.

    If they turned the music down a notch, I'd give them 5 stars.

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