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    Lawn visibility of the stage is poor at best. Not only are there these HUGE support structures every 50', but in the open areas, they have these huge Skyline Chili Cam screens.  I like the screens, and the close-ups they provide, but they're right in the limited area where there are no supports.  They could easily be placed on top of the roof, or on the supports themselves (you can't see through them anyway!).   It's just a shame it was built the way it was.  It's probably just the right size for Cincinnati's summer concert needs, but man!  The lawn views are very difficult!

    The new fake turf lawn is actually pretty cool, and I'm sure it is much easier to clean than the real grass was, just run a really big vacuum.  Now there's no more concern over it being muddy or dirty.

    Concessions are ridiculously expensive, as you'd expect from any venue or ballpark.  Oh, and apparently you CAN purchase tickets on the day of show, even if their own site says you can't, as long as they're still available.  I read that for the KISS/Crüe show and thought it absurd that they would deny people with money from admittance because they didn't buy them in advance...  But you can, at least I did.

    I really like the PNC Pavilion for the smaller bands.  Good size for an open-air show, but still covered by the roof.  No line-of-sight issues there.

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    Although the line-up of artists are usually fun and impressive, the venue is a bit mediocre. While it's fairly large and the lawn is a bit of a party, it sort of lacks in overall design and sound performance, and the prices for food and drinks are absolutely ridiculous and a waste of money. We often have a better time listening to the concerts from the boat on the river. So pre-game hard, come full, and battle for a good spot!

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    Ahhh!  First, the venue was horrible as far as lawn seats were concerned.  I've been to plenty of amphitheaters and this was my first where they seemed to sell as many tickets as they could to the lawn.   (Usually you limit lawn tickets to force people into more expensive seats) It was standing room only.  It's also the worst view I've ever had from an amphitheater.  The pylons holding up the awning were as big as a bus and obstructed most of the lawn view.  Also, smoking seems to be okay on the lawn.  Despite trying to move to an area where smoking wasn't prevalent, plenty of stoner's moved in, and seemed on the verge of passing to my 12 year old at one point.  We saw Aerosmith, which was amazing, as usual, but the venue itself is horrific.  Unfortunately, if you want to see a concert, you may have no choice, but be warned, the lawn is crap at this place.

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