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    I had bought tickets in advance for my best friend's bachelorette party, but she ended up diagnosed with strep throat that very afternoon so we were unable to use the two tickets. She didn't feel well and we didn't want anyone else to get sick. We called that evening before the event to see if we could cancel or reschedule, and the instructor who called us back was unable to help us. Arielle, who I assume is their customer service representative, was also unable to help me, she could only offer me 50% off tickets in the future, which really odesn't help me as I live in Pennsylvania. I am disappointed with their customer service.

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    I am disappointed :( I was not able to attend paint nite due to a back injury and had hoped to reschedule. Instead, I was asked to forfeit the ticket. I have been to several paint/drink events (a couple through paint nite previously) and will be attending more but through another vendor like The Paint Bar or Wicked Art Bar. I don't want to offput anyone, but I think its a consideration...Proprietary businesses are more likely to be understanding than a national corp in the event you have an emergency or have to work late.

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    Paint nite was the amazing experience I had ever had. Painting with beer I never thought it was gonna be such a memorable experience.

    Plus I got this experience in such a cheaper price. Guys get it from here

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