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    I had a buy an entree get an entree free coupon so why not - right?  I ordered the sizzling chicken and shrimp.  The chicken was a bit dry and the some of the shrimp did not taste fresh.  The entree came with garlic mashed which I switched for roasted squash which was very good.  The server was the best part of the meal - very attentive!  If I didn't have the freebie coupon, I would have been even more disappointed.  I will think twice about visiting here again.

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    The server messed up multiple times on a quiet weeknight. No water. Failed to put in order timely. When we complained, the manager comped our apps and any other items we wanted to order. He also let us try some limited beer. And he took the blame for the crappy server's mistakes. He really did the right thing, and quickly too!

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    Went for lunch, the server/bartender Debby was VERY rude! Actually argued with me about fried fresh mozzarella being a mozzerella stick, ordered the app sampler and 2 burgers and a jd chic sand
    Meal came b4 app so I sent it away,
    She NEVER came back 2 our table after taking order, food came 23 min after ordering w 4 other tables there, when the MOD spoke w her about our complaints she said "shame on me!"
    I've had her 3xs
    2 2 many

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