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  • Has TV
  • Smoking
  • Outdoor Seating
  • Wheelchair Accessible

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    Its a bar. You want a drink, they have them. Their prices are beyond fair. Staff is attentive.

    Atmosphere, its a small town bar. Full of regulars and occasionally their friends or people who heard about it.

    Only downside would be the smell/smoke. We have all been to smokey bars . . . this goes beyond just smelling like a cigarette or two . . .

    It's a bar, you go there to get drunk . . .

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    I love this place.  They allow smoking, they have good drink selections, and it's a great neighborhood bar.  The staff are all nice people, and there is rarely anyone there who isn't friendly.  It's always a good time unless that dude with the guitar is killing you with cover songs.  I will be back.

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    my favorite watering hole! not for the water of course but for the patrons and bartenders. Bellevue is my hometown and I have met many old friends as well as their kids while polishing the copper bar top. The environment fosters meeting some very interesting people from so many walks. It's as easy to find good conversation of the arts as well as sports. If you can't find a beer or a bourbon you like you're probably in the wrong place. it's not fair to complain about smoke in a bar but something should be done besides opening the doors in the morning!

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