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    This place is the quintessential neighborhood bar. People all seem to know each other after a few drinks. The bartender always has a heavy hand when pouring so we all became BFFs quickly!

    The kitchen was closed when I went, but rumor has it that the fish sandwich is the way to go!

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    When I moved from Cincinnati to Bellevue, KY the two question I was asked most frequently were "What church are you attending" (usually followed by a suggestion) and "Have you had the open faced fish sandwich at Loyal yet?". It was a little creepy. My first visit to Loyal was after the kitchen closed which was unfortunate but my friend Sara did enjoy a shot of Jameson in the bar room before we left. The second time I visited Loyal I was arguing with my fiance because we were hungry. We found out the cash only policy too late and left before ordering. I dare to say my third visit was the charmed one and went over quite well. My roommate and I met there for discussions over greasy, inexpensive food.

    The back and side dining areas were deserted and the front held just a few patrons, talking loudly and happily at the bar. They were laughing, watching the game and not at all upset when I butted into their conversations as if I had been there all along. Loyal is still a smoking establishment and I had to ask for an ashtray but the food was incredibly quick to arrive. I was boring and ordered a grilled cheese, Matt decided on the burger which (proving our waiter true to his word) was as large as the napkin dispenser and tasty (I'm not currently a militant vegetarian and had to try it). I don't think I've ever seen Matt have to neglect his french fries before. Next time I go to Loyal maybe I'll try the open faced fish sandwich, if it's as good as the other food at this humble little dive than they might find me asking new residents in the area if THEY have tried the the open faced fish sandwich at The Loyal Cafe yet.

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