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    We absolutely love this little coffee shop! The owners are always kind and know their products well. We've lunched here as well as just stopped by for a cup of tea/coffee. We often have our 1 year old with us and it's a very family-friendly atmosphere. Recently they added a bar onto the back of the other side but we've not yet visited the new addition. A one year old and a bar do not mix! I've never ordered anything I regret, but I have found some of their specialty drinks a bit on the sweet side for my liking.

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    Went here for Saturday brunch and it was my first time in Bellevue. Avenue Brew is a very nice coffee shop - friendly workers, comfortable and roomy interior, and a nice but pretty standard selection of coffee drinks. This would be a nice place to come for a cup of coffee and some reading.

    The food menu left something to be desired - muffins were pretty good, spinach quiche was small but tasty but the vegetable omelette was pretty run of the mill and had a lot of cheddar cheese on top. Not sure I would come here again for brunch, but if I am in the area I will not hesistate to grab some coffee.

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    Breakfast, lunch, brunch, or lite dinner options here.  Primarily a coffer shop, this cozy little gem offers flavorful homestyle fare for the budget conscious food enthusiast.  The biscuits and gravy is by far my favorite breakfast dish.  Their "This n' That" casserole is also a great breakfast option.  Salads, Hoagies, Panini's, and sides featuring a delicious, creamy Mac n' Cheese compliments the variety of sandwich options.  Here you order and pay, them sit back and relax while they prepare your meal.  The self-serve style here add to the homey comfort.  After placing your order besure to grab napkins and tableware before seating yourself.  Likewise, you should expect to courtiously bus your table at the end of your journey.  This small coffee house has become my local favorite.  They also have a small bar, back patio, and will soon feature limited live entertainment.  It's not gourmet with table service and cloth napkins.  It's small, family operated, friendly, comfortable and unpretentious.

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