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    Still a crowded place four years after the first review. I stopped in a few minutes before 9PM for a late dinner and there were 4 customers in front of me. I didn't mind waiting though because I had a buy one 6" sub & 21 oz. drink, get a free 6" sub free coupon from the Entertainment Book. It was just a short wait until I got to put in my order, and service was pleasant and fast. I resisted the cookies this time around, but usually those are my weakness. When I got to the register to pay, the guy gave me a free drink upgrade to the big size. Yay for that!

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    This Subway, which shares a space with a Burger King, can be extremely crowded at lunch time! It's located in a congested area next to the new Urban Active and not far from Party Source.

    I've been to the Subway a few times and usually have to wait a short while, but on a recent visit at high noon on a weekday, several patrons were turning around and walking out, as I was, because they didn't have time to wait.

    Food and service is fine, but I give it only three stars because of the congestion (not a bad problem for business, I guess).

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