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    this place was so cool i am going to try to write my experience plus mike connors is on here so he can talk more about it

    where do i begin?

    it's so weird how you could end up in a place that you stumble upon in the middle of the day  where  there were no periods or exclamation points    if i can recall   just a menu filled with words  not pictures for your verbally no that's observably the dumbest thing i ever wrote

    it was warm that day i didnt need a coat
    i meet up with few of my buddies and we found this cool place that from what i can see is pretty new they didn't have their liquor license yet but they did serve some of the most exotic new flavors my mouth ever experienced the best part was my meal was only $5.99  part of a special series of budget cutz menu items they offered and the weird thing was that there were  no items available the menu  just read WHY WORRY ABOUT DECISIONS? I remember this because i kept the menu which was on a napkin which just happens to be  the same one that  was given to me in a groovy welcoming ceremony by our Maître d' this big guy named Steve that sat us at the kids table then bounced to go record his bands new album but before he left he introduced us to our waitress Haley Jane who was also waiting on five other tables it was tight but comfy  we were like a newly formed family and she was our teacher right away she quickly apologized for not having adult beverages available  but did offer us a selection of over 345 different flavors of kool aid from 47 countries around the globe and one from where they claim to be Jupiter but i think that might be pushing it a little bit. yeah you guessed it we got a pitcher of Nuclear Jupiter actually Haley told us we were having that and ordered our food for us then told us tough shit ha ha that girls got moxie also they made everybody settle up before you eat the food like at Burger King and when she gave us her change we each had an extra 25 "Silly Dollars" with this weird green puppet on it which we could trade in to play games to win cool prizes like gift certificates, dvds, tickets to the Warped Tour. I actually won a date with Brittany Flickinger who strangely enough was the bartender at the kool aid stand but    wait i am getting of track   actually thats the cool vibe i felt there there was no tracks just stacks of memories in the making  what was cool about the place was it's 1:45 on a monday afternoon in the inner city out skirts and there was this band playing called the void union well actually it was an incarnation of the void union more of like a solo appearance from Thad playing all Skatalites covers with a stand up bass while beat boxing and tap dancing calling himself The Thadalites he started his show off by letting us know what The CAW Cafe Stands for and it is crap. My first impression was oh this is like Dicks Last Resort but then i remembered how horrible the music is they play down there in Faneuil Hall. you know what you need to experience for yourself I found out the CAW cafe stands for THE CUSTOMER'S ALWAYS WRONG
    but the food was right!!!!!

    the food runners brought out to every table

    i will tell about the food though

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