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    During Musikfest...

    Venue MUCH better than Sand Island. If you held up your thumb in the lawn at sand island, that's how big the performer was.

    Stadium seats for sections in the 200's.

    Good sound overall right off 3rd street and founders way. Parking available close up for $10.00. Worth it if it's raining.

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    The SteelStacks are beautiful, with beautiful lighting and tons to see, it is a destination you should not miss in Bethlehem.

    However, if you can, bring your own food/drink (for outside activities).  The food/bevs inside are terribly overpriced and not even good.  Ick.

    I think sometimes the LV forgets that it is in eastern PA and not in the UWS.

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    Beautiful venue with plenty to do!  Can't wait to return in the fall/winter.

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    Let's see:

    Poor venue sight lines? Check

    Crazy post-concert traffic issues? Check

    Tickets that are priced more in Bethlehem than in Philly, Baltimore/DC, Hershey, or Scranton for the same acts? Check

    Extortionist F&B ticket prices? Check

    So the reason to come see a show at Steel Stacks is?

    Maybe Parks & Co. will figure it out one of these years that just because you slap the Musikfest/ArtsQuest name on something does not mean that it's going to sell.

    The ticket sales speak volumes about the quality of the bookings and in particular about the prices as they were way down this year.

    Hopefully ArtsQuest raises their game for next year and really finds a way to make the experience better/more cohesive and to get the locals who they have ticked off for years now more involved because they're not going to make a ton of money without them.

    Or they could just take the next logical and arrogant step by fencing things in around the ArtsQuest compound while charging admission like SummerFest, blow up any music on the North Side, all while continuing to increase beer and F&B prices so that it can be what Parks apparently wants and that's a wine cooler laden-pinkie in the air fest for the well to do of the NY-NJ-CT tri-state area.

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    I'm shocked this place doesn't have more reviews, SHOCKED!!!!  Great addition to Lehigh Valley entertainment scene, lots going on here, too much to describe in a review.  The summary is just stop by and you will be glad you did.  There is always something going on whether it's free music, a ticketed show, movies, community stuff, shopping, trivia, etc etc.  Check out their website and give it a try, tons of free concerts in the spring/summer, it's really amazing the content and quality they provide for very little direct cost to visitors (not sure what that means for my taxes but) it's a great addition regardless.  One of the few places I will give 5 stars too, there has to be something here you will enjoy (FYI, great beer selection for a place this size).  The only thing that needs improvement is the wait service in the Musikfest Cafe, it's getting better but still below average.... where do they get those people?

    Just realized there are a bunch of reviews for a slightly different entry:  ArtsQuest Center at SteelStacks

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    Last evening, September 9th, we attended the Blood, Sweat, an Tears concert at Steel Stacks. We bought these tickets becasue we love the groups music and expected a great evening!

    What we were greeted with really got our night out started in the WRONG DIRECTION!

    We waited patiently in line for over an hour since we had general admission tickets and got great seats as a result! We only were seated for minutes when we were acosted by an usher who, in an angry and upbrupt tone, ordered us to move over to the middle of the row, we were on the end.

    My response was, we did not wish to move and that is when, exucuse the expression, "All Hell broke loose"!

    This volunteer usher then proceeded to in an loud and animated tone berate us for not being willing to give up the seats we had simply to accomodate another couple?

    This was a very confrontational event by an obviously very angry and person!

    We were there for fun and not public embarassment for no good reason!

    As if this wasn't enough, this guy left and then came back and repeated the event again! This time, my wife merely put up her hand to get his attention and he pushed her hand out of the way!!

    We reported this to security and I pointed out the usher. The security women was polite and apologetic but by then the damage was done!!

    Put yourself in our position, it really put a damper on what we expected to be a fun evening!

    The secutiy guard offered to have us speak to the head of security and my wife and I stayed after the concert to do so! Both the head of Security as well as the executive director of the site met with us.

    The head of security was quick to point out that it was not one of his people but merely a volunteer! The executive director had really nothing to say other than that the person in question was removed from the floor after our complaint!!



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    I just went to the Maroon 5 concert last night at the SteelStack's Sands Steel Stage.  It was amazing and even better than the night before at Susquehanna Bank Center.  Here are some things to put in to perspective.

    We sat in Section 206 which was elevated so you get a great view of the stage rather than peering through people.  

    Absolutely perfect and not too loud.  I found myself loving this venue because everything was crystal clear.  We could hear the music and the singing just fine.  

    Wonderful use of lights here.  Plus, there is a great skyline of the old relic Steel Furnaces which is cool with those blue and purple colors.

    Even better use of the screens to see the band compared to Susquehanna Bank Park.  It was nice to see things up close and also see the whole stage and backdrop.

    1. Food and drinks- I spent close to $20 on food and drinks and had to get those stupid food/drink tickets since vendors only took tickets.  This was a major drag and had to actually figure out how many tickets to get before going to get food.  Some vendors took both cash and tickets so that was better.  I had a rautweurst sausage combo with fries and drink which was a total of 20 tickets ($10) plus $2 in change.  I had roasted corn on the cob with parm, garlic, and pepper for 8 tickets ($4).  A bottle of ice tea was 6 tickets ($3).

    2. Free music- The Levitt Pavilion had some free music which was okay.  No covered seats except for the ones near the food/drink ticket booth.  We grabbed a table with a huge umbrella.  My friend had a towel to wipe off the rain water.

    3. Ponchos- I went to the ArtsQuest store to get ponchos for my friends.  Within 15 minutes, I grabbed 4 ponchos and afterwards went for another which was already sold out.  Each poncho will cost you $3 which is decent.  I found out later that people were selling them at the Sands Stage later that night.

    4. Will Call Tickets- There was a trailer to pick up tickets which was a bit inconvenient compared to the indoors front desk at ArtsQuest.  Anyways, people were friendly enough and got my tickets.

    5. Merchandise- You will find merchandise sold at each stage location.  The one next to Levitt Pavilion is reasonable at $10 for t-shirt but only 1 medium left which was perfect for me.  At the Sands Stage, merchandise for Maroon 5 started at $5 for a keychain, $10 for a can snuggie holder, $30 for a t-shirt, and $60 for a hoodie.  I checked online and you are paying an extra $6 compared to Live Nation online store.  Between the two, I would support the local PA band rather than Maroon 5 which already earns enough from my ticket sale.

    6. Parking- You will find lots which will charge you $10 but we found one for free at the Northampton Community College campus just before the SteelStack campus entrance sign.  A few cars parked and no signs about parking prohibited.  Get there early since it will fill up.  Plus, just a short walk to the SteelStack campus through the ArtsQuest and SteelStack staff parking.  Follow the pathway through and look for the Steel Furnaces to guide you.

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