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  • Takes Reservation
  • Has TV
  • WiFi
  • Smoking
  • Outdoor Seating
  • Wheelchair Accessible

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    I was a regular customer until I had conflifts with the manager sherry. They had a  temporary banner for about a month. She regugulary warned, and made a comment directed to to my son as a spoile f******g bratt for high fying it. However  the3 temp banner was illegal ( city ordiance Bethlehem). Now they have banned me? which is ok. In my opinion this sherry person is non than less than trailor trash. )Only reason I went there was for basketball game for my son. I find most people in Bethlehem to agree with my opinion.................Get permits... make it safe....

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    Well, I've been back six times since the last review. They unloaded some of the bad bartenders, Melissa is till the best. Great Food, Cold Beer and Great Value!!

    Light years better than Keystone Pub !! NOT even close !!

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    Not a five star bar, but then again, no bar in the Bethlehem area will be a 5-star.

    This is fast becoming my favorite local watering hole. The food, meh, can take it or leave it, not awful.

    The booze? Fantabulous. The choices for beer are pretty wide, including locals like Victory, Weyerbacher, and Beth. Brew Works, as well as standards like Bud, Magic Hat, Yuengy and Sam Adams.

    The service is pretty dang good too, the bartenders are knowledgable, fun, and good at making my drinks (props to Tara!!).

    Overall this is a decently priced, decently tasting bar with a fun, young atmosphere.

    I recommend this place!

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